Meet Dr. Mehta

With Dr. Niya Mehta joining our team, we feel we can utilize her outstanding clinical skills and wonderful, caring personality to continue to work toward improving our orthodontic care and take our patient experience to the next level.

Education and Experience

Dr. Mehta obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology at The University of Texas. She then went on to Baylor College of Dentistry to obtain her Doctorate of Dental Surgery. After getting her dental degree, Dr. Mehta went on to learn more about dentistry at the San Francisco V.A. Hospital, where she completed her General Practice Residency in Dentistry and a Fellowship in Dental Crisis Resource Management. Finally, Dr. Mehta went to The University of Colorado to earn her Master of Science degree in Dentistry and her certificate in orthodontics. 

Personal Life

Dr. Mehta grew up in Austin, Texas and met her husband of five years, Alok, at Hill Country Middle School. She joined her husband in the Bay Area in 2011 while he was finishing his PhD in Engineering at Stanford University. Dr. Mehta loves to bake in her spare time and together with her husband tries to make it out to Tahoe to ski as much as possible. 

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