Meet Dr. Wafelbakker

Every day, Dr. Wafelbakker feels fortunate to be an orthodontist because he knows that a great smile does so much for a person’s self esteem. In his practice, Dr. Wafelbakker often sees children who are a little shy, self-conscious of smiling, and not very confident. 18 months later, orthodontic treatment enables those children to smile big, make direct eye contact, and stand proud. Dr. Wafelbakker finds it very rewarding to help his patients realize what a great smile can do, and to be a part of that incredible experience. Helping people is one of Dr. Wafelbakker’s passions, and it makes him feel proud to help someone feel better about themselves. 

Since 1985, Dr. Wafelbakker has been providing his patients with top quality orthodontic care. He chose the oral health field because his grandfather was a dentist and he enjoyed the mix of using his mind, his hands, and socializing all at the same time. At the office, Dr. Wafelbakker loves making people smile. His practice is a friendly and warm place, where both staff and patients have a lot of fun. Interacting with patients is one of his favorite aspects of his job, and seeing patients coming from up to a third generation, can be a very gratifying experience. Dr. Wafelbakker feels like his patients are like family and treats them with the utmost care.

Education and Continuing Education

In addition, Dr. Wafelbakker spends many hours a year on continuing education in both the US and abroad. He believes that orthodontics and dentistry are rapidly evolving and changing professions, and it takes a lot of continuing education to stay on the cutting edge. Dr. Wafelbakker believes it is important to not only take continuing education courses in orthodontics, but also in many other dental disciplines. This allows him to communicate better with his patients’ general dentists, and to provide his patients with better care.

Since 2008, Dr. Wafelbakker has been actively studying with a Japanese orthodontist (Dean of Kawanaga Dental College in Japan). Through this studying, Dr. Wafelbakker has learned a technique that eliminates jaw surgery for a lot of patients that would otherwise have needed surgery to fix their bite.


In addition, Dr. Wafelbakker and Dr. Anderson both advise fellow orthodontists in two local dental study groups. Their office sponsors sports teams, choirs, marching bands, Goodwill ambassadors, boy and girl scouts, and many more. They also donate scholarships to students who attend all five local high schools every year.

Personal Life

Dr. Wafelbakker was born in Holland and moved back and forth from there to Aruba until he finally moved to the United States at age 23. He and his family reside in Morgan Hill, which they have called home since 1994. Dr. Wafelbakker has been married to his wife, Ingrid, also from Holland, since 1986. They have three children, Tess, Lucas, and Hope, and have two dogs named Bug and Bella.

Outside the office, Dr. Wafelbakker likes to spend time working in his garden, and is a highly active person who enjoys running and CrossFit classes. He is also passionate about traveling with his wife and visiting new places and meeting new people, and believes there is so much to see and to learn.

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