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What can I say, having worked in the dental field for ten years, and having worked for some of the best dentists in the Bay Area, my standards are very high. Dr. Wafelbakker, Dr. Anderson and staff get a resounding thumbs up! When I moved to Gilroy as an adult, I looked for an orthodontist to correct my bite. My choice was made easy by the professionalism and perfect results I saw come out of Dr. Wafelbakker's office. Now twenty years later, both my daughters and countless friends have had their orthodontic treatment performed by Drs. Wafelbakker and Anderson. This is one office where the best care in dentistry is in the South Bay. I couldn't be happier.

-Deb C.


I think the world of Dr. Wafelbakker, Dr. Anderson, and the entire staff. They are simply the BEST, and I know that I can trust that they will do what's best for my family and me. Both my son, my daughter and myself have gone through braces with the office, and I always felt confident that I was in the best hands. I also love how caring and friendly the staff are, and they always make it fun to visit. Thank you for all you do and your generous contributions to our community.

-Debbie G.


Dr. Wafelbakker, Dr. Anderson, and their outstanding staff are taking excellent care of my kids. We are always greeted with smiling faces, and I like that both doctors work on my children. It's a real team effort. This has been especially important to me in the case of my daughter, who ended up needing mouth surgery before starting braces. The coordination and overall care between the doctors and the oral surgeon was terrific. My children are in the best of hands - five star rating from this mom!

-Alice J.


The office of Dr. Wafelbakker and Dr. Anderson is a very professional and caring environment. The entire staff is welcoming and professional. I had two children get braces and was very pleased with the results! Overall, we had a great experience and would definitely recommend Dr. Wafelbakker and Dr. Anderson to anyone.

-Susan T.


I had braces with Dr. Wafelbakker and Dr. Anderson and am really happy with my smile! The doctors and staff made the process very simple and I had no problems with my braces. I am really glad my parents chose Dr. Wafelbakker and Dr. Anderson.

-Heather B.





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